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They Speak From the Pain of Divorce:Lessons for African American Christians

Divorce is wreaking havoc across the African American community and leaving a myriad of single-parent homes in its wake. Despite the history and traditional values of the Black Church, African American Christians have not been exempt from the onslaught of divorce. Yet, divorce is a bitter pill to swallow for anyone, but especially for Christians, many of whom report that they feel abandoned by God and the church. With the tension between God's standards and their divorce reality, Christians could struggle to recover from divorce. In fact, despite the reason for the breakup of their marriage, many Christians report that surviving and thriving after divorce are no small feat and require a high degree of faith, courage, persistence, and prayers. So you might ask, how does one survive and thrive after divorce? This book answers this question and is packed with insights from actual divorcees who share lessons from their divorce. These messages attest that people can forgive, survive, and thrive after divorce.

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They Speak From the Pain of Divorce: Lessons for African American Christians: Saunders, Dr. Magon M: 9781495446023: Amazon.com: Books

Faces: Poems for the Seasons of Our Lives

FACES is a collection of poems that addresses common emotions or other issues people face, such as joy, peace, and even death. These poems are classified using nature's four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, based on the strength of the emotions they evoke. All readers will find a "gem" across these pages and will identify with the emotions and issues described in this book.

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Amazon.com: Faces: Poems for the Seasons of Our Lives: 9781497496361: Saunders, Dr. Magon M.: Books

The Art, Tea, and Forgiveness Circle Guide

The Art, Tea, & Forgiveness (ATF) Implementation Guide is a toolkit chock full of case studies, resilience narratives, videos, poems, etc., that can be used by churches, families, worksites, etc., to implement Art, Tea, & Forgiveness Circles for one year. Implementing these Forgiveness Circles is a great way to help attendees practice forgiving vicariously through someone else’s story. Each page contains relevant content in several critical areas, including the workplace, death and grief, adverse childhood experiences, interpersonal violence, money, marriage and family, community discord, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Each Forgiveness Circle starts and ends with prayers and includes forgiveness facilitation using the REACH Forgiveness Model.

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Art, Tea, & Forgiveness Circles Implementation Guide: Using Stories to Heal: Saunders, Dr. Magon M, Barnes, Pamela G: 9798858938637: Amazon.com: Books

Coffee Mug

Drink your morning coffee in a beautifully designed mug from our Ministry. Use it as a conversation starter or prayer touch point as we work to help people grow and thrive with a forgiving heart.

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Ministry T-shirts

Wear our Ministries T-shirt with pride in your everyday life! Whether walking the mountains, in malls, or out in the park, this cool cotton T-shirt is the perfect attire. So, order one and join us to brag on the hope of forgiveness.

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