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As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my ​bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison. ​
-Nelson Mandela​

Art, Tea, & Forgiveness (ATF) Chats
(Weekly on Zoom)

Join us 7:30 PM-9 PM on Friday nights for our forgiveness discussions, where you will meet other forgiveness advocates, assess your forgiveness scores, study God’s word, and discuss forgiveness case studies all with a paint brush in your hand​. Case studies address topics such as forgiveness at work, divorce, forgiveness in marriage, submission, unanswered prayers, forgiveness after untimely death, etc. Sessions end with a discussion on how the lessons from the case study can be applied to our lives.



Art, Tea,​ and Forgiveness Juniors
(Weekly on Zoom)

Art, Tea, and Forgiveness Juniors was developed for children between the ages of 5 to 14 years of age. Parental approval will be required to participate. Participants of Art, Tea, and Forgiveness Juniors, will have opportunities to draw or paint, participate in bible study, and discuss issues such as bullying at school, cheating in school, parental divorce, sibling rivalry, etc. Our goal is to help children address any unforgiveness they might be dealing with so they can thrive. Each participant will need to purchase paint and other art supplies, and arrive with a personal bible and notebook. Do you know a child that might benefit from attending ATJF? Join us on Saturday mornings from 10 AM to 11 AM. Everyone wins when kids get involved in ATFJ.


Bible Monthly Prayer Call and Bible Study
Interested in spending more time in God’s word? Wishing you had a friend to discuss what you are reading? Ready to move to a higher place in Christ? Then our monthly prayer call and bible study will be of interest to you. Those interested in our monthly study should call us 404-294-4072 or email us at forgive4health@gmail to get our monthly bible study guide.

Join us on the 4th Saturday morning of each month at 12:00 PM at 1-712-770-4875 x 679198 to study God’s word, and to pray for the needs of his people.

Restoring Your Heart Support Group
Have you experienced divorce, a broken relationship, or just nursing a broken heart because of marital or other relational conflict? Finished Divorce Care but still fee​l wounded? Then "Restoring Your Heart Support Group" is for you. Join us Monday evenings from 7:30 PM-9 PM to start the process of restoring your heart. Participants will learn why they pick the partners they do, the “dance” that is leading to the dysfunction in their relationships, and most importantly, how to change their actions, so they can change their lives. The support group runs for eight weeks and ends with a team graduation. Come out to meet others going through the same struggles you are, and work to edify and strengthen each other, so your heart can be restored. The cost is $5/participants. All participants should purchase a copy of the study guide "They Speak from the Pain of Divorce: Lessons for African American Christians. The book is available at Amazon, via our Web Store and anywhere books are sold.

Call us at 404-216-0621















  Forgiveness Assessments and Workshops
Ever wondered if you have forgiven someone who hurt you? Want to forgive, but not sure how? Then complete a forgiveness assessment and start the journey to total healing. Call our ministries to receive a free forgiveness assessment, then use your scores to start the process of forgiveness. Clients are also welcome to participate in our monthly forgiveness seminars offered in churches, libraries, work sites, and other sites across our community. See FFHM Infographic and call us at 404-216-0621 to receive a forgiveness assessment and listing of upcoming forgiveness seminars in your area.

Virtual Art, Tea, Diabetes and Chronic Diseases Management Program
Are your blood sugars out of control? Confused about what and when to eat? Not sure about how your medications work or when to take them? Unsure of how to fit exercise into your lifestyle? In denial about your diabetes, hypertension, or another chronic disease diagnosis? Worry no more! Call us to schedule time to explore our innovative, one-of-a-kind, Art, Tea, Diabetes, and Chronic Disease Management program (ATDCM). This program uses resilient narratives, videos, music, drawings, poetry, case studies, etc., to facilitate dialogue around complex diabetes and chronic disease management topics such as carbohydrate counting, glucose monitoring, healthy eating, medication management, sexual health, and more. The ATDCM Program employs art and social and emotional learning in the clinical and community setting to help individuals to achieve the following: 1) understand and manage emotions; 2) set and achieve positive goals; 3) feel and show empathy for others; 4) establish and maintain positive relationships; and 5) make responsible decisions. The ATDCM will learn how to: 1) manage diabetes, prediabetes, and other chronic conditions; 2) interact with supporters in ways that benefit them and others; 3) increase confidence and improve self-management skills; 4) track progress (blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.) 5) discuss denial and other barriers in a safe space, and support each other; 6) identify forgiveness, adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and mental health scores, and learn how these factors influence self-management and overall health. Call us at 404-216-0621 for a 1:1 consultation and schedule time to introduce this program to your senior centers, workplaces, schools, churches, etc. Individuals can also register for our monthly program by calling 404-294-4074 to self-pay for a $35/per month session which will begin Monday, January 16, 2023 from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. Participants will need to bring art/drawing supplies and a notebook to each session.

Virtual Art, Tea, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIAB)
Are you an employer that needs to increase or improve diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and a sense of belonging in the workplace? Then look no further! Art, Tea and DEIAB use resilient narratives, videos, music, drawings, poetry, case studies, etc., to facilitate dialogue around complex workplace topics such as racism, bullying, nepotism, ageism, discrimination, microaggressions, etc. Art, Tea, and DEIAB employs art, and social and emotional learning in the workplace to help adults achieve ways to: 1) understand and manage emotions; 2) set and achieve positive goals; 3) feel and show empathy for others; 4) establish and maintain positive relationships; and 5) make responsible decisions and interact in ways that benefit themselves and others to increase confidence. Art, Tea, and DEIAB attendees will be able to assess their implicit bias, adverse childhood experiences (ACE), mental health, resilience, happiness at work; and learn how to make improvements or mitigate barriers, appropriately. Call us at 404-216-0621 for a 1:1 consultation to discuss your needs, schedule time to introduce this program to your organization and/or self-pay for monthly sessions. Participants will need to bring art and drawing supplies and a notebook to each session.

H​ealth Coaching/Diet Counseling
Is unforgiveness affecting your health? Are you struggling with the “blues”? Gaining weight and not sure why? Need help with your diet? Then we can help. Call us for a free family consultation. Led by GA licensed dietitians and nutritionists, our team provides health coaching, diet counseling. diabetes self-management education, and medical nutrition therapy to help clients manage their overweight and obesity, diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and other health concerns. Call us at 404-294-4072 to schedule an appointment with a coach.

Heart to Heart Mentoring for Divorcees
Have you experienced divorce, but have not forgiven your ex-spouse? Are you now leading a rewarding and successful life? In other words, what the “enemy meant for harm in your life, God is using for good". If this describes you, then we need your help to mentor other divorcees. On the opposite side, if you are newly divorced, struggling with your new life, and could use a listening ear, and a comforting shoulder, then join our program so we can connect you with a Heart to Heart mentor. We are seeking Heart to Heart mentors and mentees, both male and female, to provide mentoring and support to help to stabilize families that are reeling from divorce. Mentors and mentees must be willing to commit to one-on-one mentoring sessions for at least six (6) months (frequency of contact will be agreed upon by mentor and mentee) and be accountable to the Forgive for Health Team. Call us at 404-216-0621 to register and help stabilize our community.

Men of Hope and Faith Group
Calling exceptional Christian men who are willing to offer counsel and support to others. Are you mature in your faith and ready to speak into the lives of others? Are you ready to be a "Paul" in the life of a younger Christian man? Ready to help our men to become all they were meant to be. If this describes you, we need your help. Call us at 404-216-0621 to learn more about our Men of Hope and Faith Group and to help struggling men to find their place in Christ.

Money and Me 1-1 Sessions
Are you divorced, single, or just on a limited income? Need help in learning how to manage your money? Then give us a call. We teach individuals how to make their money work for them. We also show you how to work your way out of debt. Call us at 404-216-0621 for free customized Christian money support, so that the “spirit” on your money can change, and work for and not against you.

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